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Las Vegas City Hall

The City of Las Vegas is in the construction phase for a new City Hall which will be a 293,000-square-foot, seven-story high-rise. Aiming to reflect the diverse population of Las Vegas in its design, the building will house features such as steps leading to the front doors which will provide seats for a variety of performances, public spaces starting at the street-level entry plaza and extending indoors through the lobby, and a break-out space in the Council Chamber that extends outside to a terrace for employees. As with any downtown redevelopment project, the old infrastructure had to be removed and replaced to accommodate the new construction. In this case an existing 8-inch cast iron water main was removed and a new 8-inch PVC water main was installed. The problem with its relocation was the numerous domestic and fire main connections which had to be made so as not to interrupt service. Poggemeyer Design Group prepared plans which allowed the entire cast iron water main replacement to occur while keeping critical water service to the adjacent Regional Justice Center, Jail House and Metropolitan Police Department Administration Offices.

The drainage study for the site considered the existing undersized storm drain system on Main Street as well as the known flooding that has occurred in that area. The finish floor elevation for the main floor was set to be well above the water surface elevation in the adjacent streets for the 100-year storm. To prevent the underground parking lot and the basement levels of the City Hall from being flooded, all parking, sidewalks, and landscape areas were graded to drain away from the building. A sump pump system was added as extra protection from the ground water and any possible surface water that could get in the sublevels. Additionally, both transmission and distribution circuits had to be relocated out of an existing alley that dissected the block. With the removal of these circuits, as well as the other utilities, the alley was vacated to allow for the new City Hall to be built on the entire city block.


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LEED Certification Gold Candidate

Services Provided
Drainage and Traffic Study
On and Off-site Improvements
LEED Coordination

Civil Engineer-Poggemeyer Design Group

Developer-Forest City (construction via CMAR delivery method with a lease back
to CLV)

Architect-JMA Architecture Studios